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RAZR uses proven strategies to generate and secure the support of hospital leadership and Boards of Directors. We gather ongoing commitment and engagement from hospital leadership to foster high reliability organizations and facilitate activities that support measurable outcomes.  RAZR feels that any organization is only effective as its leadership.  RAZR has extensive experience working with leaders nationwide to help them become the catalyst for excellence in their organizations.

RAZR’s approach in leadership development empower today’s leaders with targeted evidence-based training and education.  We conduct in-depth assessments of each organization to offer tailored methods and solutions. We offer a diverse combination of strategies to transform culture, create high reliable and quality organization, and promote organization and change management.

We provide evidence-based programs like CUSP to help clinical teams make care safer.  Along with teamwork tools such as Team STEPPS, RAZR has made an impact on the care delivered by hospitals, the satisfaction enjoyed by its employees and the effective utilization of its resources.  RAZR encourages leaders to utilize Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change in leading and supporting the efforts of their staff.  It is imperative that a leader be adept at casting vision, removing barriers, forming coalitions and instituting change.  In addition, RAZR trains leaders in developing a Just Culture where accountability is shared and risks are mitigated.

Cultural Transformation

  • Securing leadership buy-in and setting framework for building of a robust development plan.
  • Embedding Just Culture to promote a culture of accountability.
  • Training on effective person and family engagement, disparities, and health equity.
  • Bringing best practices and tools including CUSP, Team STEPPS and Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change to entrench culture with teamwork.

High Reliability Quality Organization

  • Employing 5 key principles: sensitivity to operations, reluctancy to simplify, preoccupation with failure, deference to expertise, and practicing resilience.
  • Removing barriers to widespread implementation.
  • Tailoring approach based on the organization’s needs.
  • Obtaining ongoing feedback and adjusting approaches to meet end goals.

Organization & Change Management

  • Executing a comprehensive strategy-based transformation approach phase-by-phase.
  • Aligning quality and finance for sustainability.
  • Mobilizing staff and creating ownership.
  • Training leadership to be change agents with a focus on safety and quality.

Health Disparities

When variations of health outcome are observed between populations, there is disparity. Race or ethnicity, sex, sexual identity, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and geographic location all contribute to an individual’s ability to achieve good health. RAZR focuses our efforts to improve the quality of care to all beneficiaries including action to identify, address, track, and reduce healthcare disparities in harm and readmissions.

RAZR tailors evidence-based assessments to assist hospitals and providers in obtaining an in-depth understanding of existing culture and practices as well as to identify trends and gaps in care services of their patient populations via population health analytics. We offer targeted training and education and implementation toolkits to assist providers and hospitals in adapting relevant evidence-based guidelines and in transforming their culture to reduce existing disparities. Our expertise includes community leadership outreach, social determinants of health, and data analytics.

Community Leadership Outreach

  • Provides training and education
  • Promotes patient safety and family engagement
  • Conducts outreach to community leaders

Community Outreach and Social Determinants of Health

  • Identifies and resolves social determinants of health (SDOH) challenges via community outreach activities
  • Provides targeted training and education
  • Provides evidence-based tools

Data Analytics

  • Applies population health strategies with an emphasis on the latest public health issues
  • Assists with REaL data collection and analysis
  • Identifies and analyzes trends and gaps

Person and Family Engagement (PFE)

RAZR supports measures and reports on the following five proven best practices in the area of person and family engagement.  We link our PFE efforts to quantifiable improvements in patient safety and spread the utilization of these methods and practices with aligned quality improvement initiatives.

1. Implements a planning checklist for patients known to have a planned admission to the hospital (e.g. for elective surgery).

2. Implement a discharge planning checklist.

3. Conducts shift change huddles and bedside reporting with patients and families.

4. Designates of an accountable leader in the hospital who is responsible for person and family engagement.

5. Assigns an active Person & Family Engagement Committee (PFE) or other committees where patients are represented and report to the Board.

RAZR Strategies

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Person and Family Engagement