April 19, 2016



RAZR Solutions founders believe being our client’s trusted advisor by impacting their missions start with an approach that looks at the solution elegant in its simplicity, unencumbered with unnecessary assumptions and addresses challenges without pointless duplication.


RAZR Solutions specializes in health care, technology and software development program management projects. Our Team uses Program Management best practices and certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) to ensure excellence in quality to our clients and deliver our work products on time and on budget.  We apply proven project management best practices, scaled agile and proven systems engineering approaches to deliver solutions in complex scenarios. Navigating agile and cloud development with complex technical and business requirements requires a deeper understanding of software development, integration, and the cloud. 

RAZR Solutions’ Team understands the importance of running projects well.  Our team has decades of experience in running project management offices, deploying, operationalizing and monitoring projects and programs. RAZR Solutions’ Team knows it is important to define communication, quality and risk mitigation plans during kick-offs as well as the scope of each project enabling the team work to its highest potential. Our Team approach recognizes that effective management considers the organizational mission and directs resources to mission success and that technology cannot be separated from effective management, which is why we also consider technology in use to impact client’s mission. The following are examples of our Program Management Offerings:

  • Strategy, Operations, Finance, Technology, People
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project Evaluation and Assessments
  • Organizational, Change and Performance Management
  • Scaled Agile
  • Training and Education
  • Certified Program Management Professionals
  • Healthcare and IT management professionals who understand today’s highly regulated environment



RAZR Solutions operates under the philosophy that systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement improves the lives of people we serve. Whether we are serving chronically ill patients or defending the nation from terrorists, constant vigilance is the key to success. Our client’s work diligently every day to accomplish their mission.  Our Team acknowledges the great work being done but also recognizes that in order to keep progressing, continual vigilance on performance, quality and process improvement is vital. RAZR Solutions process improvement centers on creating value for our clients whether they are hospitals or intelligence agencies, patients or veterans. Improving the quality of delivery while maintaining or decreasing resources helps everyone.

Our Team specializes in improvement methodologies, implementation, mentoring and coaching, and technical assistance. RAZR knows to sustain a culture of quality and improvement, clients need to create their infrastructure and processes with well defined visions, include properly aligned measures to initiatives, ability to gather data points and analyze information, improvement cycles such as PDSA built into action plans used during team meetings, and strong control mechanisms for continuous improvements and sustainability. The following are examples of our Performance and Process Improvement offerings: 

  • Improvement Methodologies (i.e. Lean, Six Sigma, Reliable Design, SAFe, Agile Scrum)
  • Training and Education
  • Technical Assistance
  • Evaluation, Assessment
  • Measures and Metrics
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Accreditation Readiness
  • Auditing
  • Innovation